Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kavithai Sollava...? ;)

3 weeks of travel by foot in the never ending desert of my 'search' engine project....time to 'drink' some refreshing poetry ;)

poetry..does it get any sweeter than in Thamizh?! Amudhe Thamizhe Azhagiya Mozhiye, Kuzhalisai tharum thamizh paa, Urugum kavithaigal thaa....

ennai kavarntha puthu - puthu kavithaigal sila, adiyen kirukiya paavam kavithaigal sila...haha (evai evaiyendru neere kandupudiyum!) athodu ummai kavarntha puthu kavithaigalai ennaku annupum :)

"adada, indha punnagai kavithaikku munnal
oru kavithai ezutha mudiyumaa ennal??"

nee pesinaal.

"naan eluthiyavai annaithum vaarthaigal mattume,
endrenum ithai nee padikka nernthal orruvelai kavithai aagalam"

"ulagathileyae siriya kavithai ennavenru kaettaal 'thaai' enben. adhaiyae en thaai vanthu kaettaal innum siridhaai solvaen 'nee' enru!"

"unnai kavithai endru endro varnithaen,
unmaithaan...unnilum poigal"

"vaazhkayil eppozhuthum santhosham iruppathillai
ada thunbame illaiyenil athu vaazhkaye illai! "

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coping with the Cricket World Cup tragic loss!!

Srilanka managed to win only twice in previous 10 encounters against India, with 2 series losses. But they had their revenge by winning once when it mattered most to India! And no matter how many times we win them over and over again after yesterday, well it will hardly matter!

The very same beauty of cricket can be its cruelty as well. Unpredicatabilty. Glorious uncertainties of Cricket as we often say! For most of us it will take time to sink in that the unthinkable had happened, India is out in the first round!! For the unrealistic optimists in us, we will be rooting for Bermuda when they take on Bangladesh! Oh have company. Anything is possible. May be can call it Cricket's beauty this time.

Its not a World Cup without India! (even literally, the whole money comes 4m India). Its like Mahabharata without Arjuna, the World Cup has lost flavour without India right? NO! WRONG! Early humans thought they were at the centre of the universe. We must be more evolved! Lets face it, our team wasn't good enough or atleast didn't perform well enough. We have to realise it, accept it and cope with the hurt now.

The best way to cope up with the hurt is to turn your attention away. Some ideas ..

1 all of us will have a second mind favourite, other than our heart's India. switch your support to them. for me it was srilanka. was, but now I may not be able to as srilanka pushed out india.

2 try following another sport event, the english premier league may be!

3 get out and actually play some game! get involved in some sport instead of following something on TV, then may be we will learn triumph and failure are twin impostors in sport as in life and may be we will realise cricket is just a game. loosing in cricket is not a national disaster.

Hmmm ok alright i can see its going nowhere..was trying anyway! Fine..

1 No! The bond between a team and its fans is like a pact written in blood. It cant be washed away or switch companies like we change jobs or like the players change their endorsements.

2 No! We cant suddenly develop love for another sport. One of the first toys we got as babies is a tiny plastic cricket bat. We grow up on cricket, we look back our lives in between world cups as times frames. and anyways we dont have much choice. As a nation we are lazy asses to bend our back in anything else, Cricket is convinient and suitable to us. We excel in anything to do with the mind, like math and software. Leave out individual games like Chess, we have only Cricket. Cricket is essentially an out and out mind game.

3 And NO..Cricket is not just a game. May be it wasnt meant to be anything more. But no, its not just a game to us in India. And its irrevocable. The common thread than binds us as Indians which is essentially 27 countries of different languages and cultures where everything else differs. Everything else. We got our own different food, films, music and dance. But we instantly forget our differences at the sight of the tricolour flag, the sound of the national anthem, the mere thought of the Indian Cricket Team. Cricket is not just a game, its our Indian way of life.

Dont for a moment feel less proud of Indian Cricket. The home of cricket shifted from Lords and stands firmly rooted in Eden Gardens since the days of Kapil Devils. The soul of Cricket lives in the narrow dusty streets of remote villages in India, without electricity, with kids with no school to goto, but playing - Gully Cricket.

Cricket needs India. India needs Cricket. And at the bottom of it all, we need Cricket.

Cricket is both our comforting pillow and punching bag.

Its punching time now and we will make a kill, just as we make a Star life, when in pillow mode.
Emotions will run high, 1/6th of humanity will go into mourning, depression starts today, the stock market will crash next week and gloom will encompass the whole country.

But then, who said you can love without pain? To go through ordeal is part of loving something. And we will.

Indian cricket will survive this setback. And so will our love for our team.

Jai Hind!

Friday, February 09, 2007

What men live by? # dont miss this #

u can sense and feel the unmistakable presence of God (or a superior power if u may), specially when u are in the midst of some intense soul searching and what u need to find an answer is sent to u. and u instantly know its a god send. it may be sent in the form of a person, or an incident, a movie u see or a book u read. a book u read?a book u read it was for me. i have seen this book before but never attempted reading it, but what put it in my hands(ok actually in my laptop screen) now? call it mere coincidence, but the one who experienced it will know its not. i knew it was was sent to me.

and if its ur time to read this book, and u r reading this, u will click here to download, "What Men Live By?" by Leo Tolystoy.

and after reading it, u will as i do, feel obliged to share it, as its something all of us should read.

whats 'what men live by' about?

its a short story that plants in ur heart the seed of truth, its triumph; summons the essence of what it is to live by letting go and still love - makes u feel the cold, the hurt, the yearning, the torment, yet happiness in the other's; reminds us of our shortsightedness; of our inescapable pitfall in judging people and just how wrong we are so very often. its a biblical story of a someone falling from grace and returning to light..

the plot is very upredictable and will keep u interested till the end..its very fast
moving too, and i suggest, put of ur room light off and read it by candlelight or a table lamp..alone with urself. well worth ur time...dont miss this..u wont regret it i guarantee.

i recently read this line in the book 'Dreamers, Discoveres and Dynamos' ( formerly titled 'Edison Trait') , by Lucy Palladino : " the universe is not made of atoms..but of human stories"

care, share, live without fear! cheers!

Friday, February 02, 2007

"Let Beauty Awake..."

good morning!! it occurred i havent blogged for a while, so thought will post this nice one i found. its a nice 'morning poem' to read.

(hmmm i know its been many postings since i scribbled something my own lol...myself waiting to experience again the moment of a poetic burst..but may be all your silent prayers to be spared were answered hahaha!)

anyways here's a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. i recommend u check out his poems...i came across his writings only of late and have been thoroughly enjoying his lines and thoughts..he seems to have a knack for laying bare in his own imitable refreshingly simple style, obvious truths we don't see in life. this one is by no means among his best, but as i said a beautiful piece to read in the morning :) have a beautiful day!

Let Beauty awake in the morning from beautiful dreams,
Beauty awake from rest!
Let Beauty awake
For Beauty's sake
In the hour when the birds awake in the brake
And the stars are bright in the west!

Let Beauty awake in the eve from the slumber of day,
Awake in the crimson eve!
In the day's dusk end
When the shades ascend,
Let her wake to the kiss of a tender friend
To render again and receive!
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sweetest Moment Of My Life...

There will be a moment in my destiny
When I see my dream become reality

And until that moment of sweet ecstasy
I shall fight fate and earth to my victory

probably there is none among u who havent read this one I used to call my anthem..u would have seen me scribbled it it lies written only in my diary and I didnt even remember it well..have i become less ambitious? (growing older?!) but Guru has recharged me as it will anyone who watches it....if u haven't watched it yet u r wasting time! go watch it NOW!!!

i grabbed my diary to see it again as it goes somewhat like the Jaage Hain / Ore Kanna number...hmm but just writing is all so easy!

download the hindi version here, tamil version here :) what a song! since watching the film i have been playing it non stop all day and night..lucky to have a room mate in Senthil! ;)

a rough translation of the song would go like:

All my life I have dreamt
a dream in my heart

Untill the day that dream turns true
I shall hold not let go of my breathe

Even if the sky falls upon me
I shall but only again raise

If I have you to fall back upon
I shall go on and buy the moon

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Merchant Of Dreams.. Guru!

There are two types of leaders in this world:

Those who speak the truth and be epitome of all good.

And then, those who invoke dreams.

Gurubhai in Guru is truly of the latter creed. Durubhai Ambani on whose life the film is inspired, was indeed one.

There are two types of films in this world:

Those that provide a brief escapade from your real life.
Those that leave you inspired and give life a shot with new zest.

Guru is a treat for your eyes, your heart, your mind, your soul and your dreams.

More so for me with the coming together of all my favs...Abishek Bachan, Mani Ratnam, A.R.Rahman..its as good as it gets.

But I may not be the only one to come out of the evening show and get the ticket and go back for the night show. Or may all those who have problems with sleeping at night.

Go and get yourself inspired...watching Guru might just be an important moment in your life!

'Come, Dream with me....'..Gurubhai is here!

Friday, January 12, 2007

an empty mind - exam amnesia

today i suddenly felt like i was sanjay ramaswamy...well no ring a ring o' roses with asin in europe, but saw some engineering theory in practice :
an acausal memoryless system whose present output doesnot depend on past inputs. period.

do they have a word for the opposite of deja vu? here my mind was saying 'hai nice to meet u'. what a bliss...

with me,

speed of study = 1 / time left.

its always inversely proportional..and by a steep load line . the notebook i bought at semester start but wrote just a few pages over 3 months, got over in an hour yesterday. from evening 7 to morning 7 my mind sucked in all that i should have learn the entire time. or so i thought....

im usually quite handy in the 11th hour show me what u can do thing, but today my transistor choked probably load chipping off driving point.

but where does all this concentration over long hours, ploughing along chasing the impossible go when u had the time? make no mistake this is harder work.

do i wait just for the thrill? its one of those moments in your life you very badly want to kick yourself in the ass, but just can't reach the damn thing. you really can't...i have been trying since evening...

another new day day, a new exam..and some programming = some logic. in fact perfect karma...what u sow u reap. in programming parlance: garbage in garbage out! no chasing around and making sense of currents who themselves have no idea what are they up to...amen to all that.

"the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. it is the source of all true and science" - albert einsten ....and so begins the preface of the book for tomorrow's exam. beautiful. but....i'm in preface. not everything in life changes afterall.